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The members of Veterinary Research Associates are very experienced with conducting field trials for cattle products and management procedures over that last 30 years individually and the past 10 years collectively.  VRA has conducted studies with the full gamut of products including anti-infectives, anti-parasiticides, and vaccines.  While the bulk of our research projects have involved the study of bovine respiratory disease, we have conducted studies of other less common diseases, also. 

Our primary research focus is on market support studies meant to closely mirror real world production settings.  These studies are usually designed to measure both morbidity and production parameters.  We have 2 basic feedlot pen size options available including:

  • 44 pens available that are designed to house 40 to 50 head of cattle per pen
  • 100+ pens available that are designed to house 90 to 120 head of cattle per pen

The smaller pens listed above are ideal for production based studies where measurement of feed intake is desired.  This smaller pen size allows for better management of cost single the lease of cattle for the study is usually the single largest cost of conducting research.

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